Why I’m indifferent towards Powerwall and why I love it

Julkaistu: 6.5.2015


All energy related discussion boards and almost all non-energy boards went bananas last week when Elon Musk announced the Powerwall. The new Tesla product is tackling the issue of energy storage, which is the biggest barrier in the revolution of renewable energy.

I’m not an expert in energy technology so I shouldn’t be saying too much about the potential of Powerwall from that perspective. I know a thing or two about business perspective, but I won’t go there either.

Because, those perspectives do not really matter. In fact, I perceive those things as quite insignificant.

Granted, Powerwall provides currently an exceptional energy storage solution, but it’s not exceptional enough to solve the issue in big scale. Nevertheless, Powerwall is exceptional enough…

  • to change approach and mindset towards locally produced renewables
  • to provide grounds for other similar innovations to rise
  • to create new ecosystem with new practices around local renewable energy

All the points above are interrelated, nourishing each other. Powerwall by itself won’t start a revolution, but the development Tesla gives a huge boost to will almost certainly result in disruptive innovation.

Tesla Powerwall is the beginning, not the end. That’s why I love it.

Jukka Kajan
Joukon Voima