A’hoy Jouko, what’s happening?

Julkaistu: 27.5.2015

Assumably there are certain regularities that apply to most start ups. On the top of that list, it stands in massive capital letters: ”THINGS OFTEN HAPPEN SLOWER THAN YOU THINK!” We’ve familiarized ourselves with that fact very well during our journey.

As things go slow, we owe our followers a status update on what’s happening and what we are working with.

Most of our time is spent finding new leads and getting in touch with potential project partners. We constantly keep about 3-4 potential projects on our table. If negotiations around one project end unresolved, we take up a new one as there’s no shortage of leads.

The current negotiations seem extremely promising. There’s a good variation in project size and broad range in technologies. Hopefully we’ll have exciting news sooner than later!

There are various reasons why we haven’t found the matching partner despite good initial negotiations: bad timing due to other initiatives in the organization, them moving out to a new facility in a few years, unwilling landlord, and so on… Probably the greatest barrier has been the primal fear and uncertainty of participating in something new and unknown.

Even if our leads have not yielded quite the results that we’ve hoped for, the act of pursuing them has resulted in a lot of useful resources, such as contacts, legal documents and software. When we finally strike a deal with a partner we can move very quickly as we have pretty much everything set up!

We regularly face a question “Does your company have funding yet?”. No, we don’t. This is because we haven’t been out looking for such. Our plan is to proceed through the first projects by bootstrapping without external funding. After we have our proof of concept, we’ll be knocking the doors of potential investors with our plans for scaling up and going abroad.

We are confident that we’re on the right track. This confidence stems from encouraging encounters with potential project partners and from dozens and dozens of positive comments from people eagerly waiting to get a chance to crowdfund more renewables to this world.

We are super thankful for all the encouragement that we’ve received.
Cheers, all you future Joukos!

Jukka and the rest of the Jouko-crew