Financial or social return? Both!

Julkaistu: 4.5.2015

Responsible investing, sustainable investing, socially responsible investing…call it what you want. The conceptual discussion around the topic is somewhat vague and it is unclear to many what to include under the umbrella. Nevertheless, one thing is more certain and evident than ever before: considering also other than financial returns is becoming more and more important for investors.

Socially responsible investing has been known as a concept for a while, but the reason for the boom that is currently bubbling under can be explained easily: there is no longer need to compromise between social impact and financial returns.

While sustainable funds are becoming more profitable and stable, the risks in unsustainable investments are increasing. The future of fossil fueled investments, in particular, is uncertain, which has led institutions and private investors to relocate their money to safety.

Banks are currently providing investment alternatives that are labeled sustainable, green, ethical and whatnot. Some banks vaguely state that environment and social responsibility is taken into account in their whole portfolio. The structure of the provided funds is often so complex that getting a hold on how the value is generated demands just too much digging.

Giving people the means to promote sustainability has been a major driver for Joukon Voima from the very beginning. We want to take it to the extreme through emphasizing transparency and unambiguity. When you invest in a Joukon Voima project, you’ll know exactly where and how your money is used. What is more, your profits are generated in a way that is easy to understand and follow.

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