In Crowdfunding Money Isn’t Just Money

Julkaistu: 25.1.2016

Documentary about crowdfunding, Capital C, provides inspirational stories on entrepreneurs and artist doing reward-based crowdfunding campaigns. However, to me the most influential part of the document was provided in the first half a minute. The above being quote by Harvard’s researcher Dr David Weinberger clinches many fundamentals of crowdfunding in just couple of lines.

The main line of the quote really captures the essential: money isn’t just money when it comes to crowdfunding. This is what people seem to get wrong the most often. The only statement that could be any more wrong would be to say that crowdfunding is about easy money.

Joukon Voima underlines strongly to our project partners that each crowdfunded euro is worth much more than one euro if the campaign is done right.

Committing your customers, involving local communities, engaging your fans, strengthening your own brand, getting publicity for your project… opening a crowdfunding campaign is an invitation for people to be part of what you want to accomplish. If they believe in what you believe in — if you’re able to provide them something that they perceive important and even personal, each crowdfunded euro becomes a strong tie to a crowd of people that you will call your community.

If the campaigner doesn’t see any other value in the crowdfunded capital than the money itself, crowdfunding isn’t the way to proceed. There are more straightforward means for collecting the needed funds. But then again, it’s difficult to come up with many of situations where the indirect benefits wouldn’t be for any value. One just might not realize their impact and potential in the first place.

Joukon Voima wants to provide projects that will make the world a more sustainable place, little by little. Referring to Dr Weinberger, that is something that matters really deeply to us and hopefully to you too.

Jukka Kajan

Joukon Voima