Joukon Voima closed a 600k€ crowdfunding round for a renewable energy-powered real estate

Julkaistu: 22.6.2016

The Finnoonportti crowdfunding got to its end past week reaching its target. In total, 122 crowdfunders funded the Finnoonportti multi-purpose real estate and its renewable energy solutions with 605 000€. The successful crowdfunding allows the construction phase to begin already in July. It also realizes one the biggest solar power plants in Finland and a geothermal heating system.

The campaign was a great success. Both the total amount funded and the number of funders broke the previous records on real estate crowdfunding in Finland. When counting all crowdfunding campaigns ever in Finland, Finnoonportti is the 6th biggest to our knowledge. These are great achievements for Joukon Voima, which is only taking its first steps on impact crowdfunding.

The success of the campaign proves the validity of the cornerstones of our business. We’ve always aimed at providing ordinary people meaningful, impactful and profitable projects to invest in. With Finnoonportti campaign, 605k€ were directed to enable sustainable solutions while providing a meaningful interest rate for the funders. This takes us to the very core of the reasons why Joukon Voima was founded.

The crowd of funders itself is very inspiring. We wanted to follow the spirit of crowdfunding by setting the minimum investment to 200€, which is exceptionally low for a real estate investment. This made it possible for a very versatile crowd of investors to participate. For example, 25 crowdfunders invested the minimum 200€, while 56 funded less than 1000€. All in all, the expectations for 80/20-rule were surprisingly accurate: 80% of the crowdfunders brought 20% of the capital making the long tail very significant.

In order to produce even more stellar campaigns in the future, now it’s time for a careful analysis. As one of our methods, we’ve sent a survey to the crowdfunders to gain insight on their drivers for participating in the campaign. The first pack of answers suggests that the analysis will be very rewarding. We’ll be back to publish some of our findings! Stay tuned!