TOP 5 reasons for using Ekorent

Julkaistu: 22.10.2015

1 You don’t need to own and care for a car

Owning a car is troublesome. A headlight is bust. You need to get it inspected. Change tires. Get an insurance etc. With Ekorent you can just book and use the car. They even made it easy for you. Simple.

If you already have a car, Ekorent brings flexibility when you need it.

2 It’s easy to use

You just book the car on the web or using the EkoRent app (iPhone and Android). When you get to the car, your cell phone opens the doors and activates it. When you’re done driving, just find the most convenient vacant charging post and drive there. No need to drive around in traffic looking for a place to park. No need to pick up and return keys or forms. Easy.

And they’re super helpful if something happens. Just give them a call.

3 It’s cheap

Owning a car is expensive, on average 8500 €/year according to Autoliitto. The investment, the insurances, the gas, the service, parking, taxes… you add that up and divide by the hours you actually used the car… you don’t wanna know.

Ekorent starts from 5€/h  through the campaign. It’s really cheap, even compared to Uber. And did we mention that you can keep the car over night for no charge between 20:00-07:00 (+extended hours during weekends) if you just keep it parked?

4 It’s clean

Aah, I just love the smell of exhaust in the crisp winter morning! Oh, wait, no I don’t. It sucks. With Ekorent, you’re taking us towards a cleaner, fresher city. And it’s also more energy efficient and quiet.

5 They want to build their network with you

They want you to have a role in building their shared vehicle network, and they give you clear benefits for doing so. This means they actually like and value their customers and see you as a contributor in their story. Probably they will also serve you better when you’re driving around in their super cool 100% electric cars!

Convinced? – Fund EkoRent to Teurastamo or Viikki and get cheap driving hours

Not convinced? – Tell us why