Trustworthiness = transparency + openness + approachability

Julkaistu: 20.2.2015

From the very beginning it has been clear that operating as a startup in a field of funding is going to be extremely tough. Credibility and the consequent trustworthiness are issues that we will face for sured.

We cannot aim for anything else than full trustworthiness. This won’t be achieved by changing our color theme to finance-deep-blue and white and by using investor jargon, but through openness, transparency and approachability.

Transparency has a significant role particularly when presenting the figures and numbers related to the projects. We will openly explain how the money flows and consequently how profits are distributed among partners and on what basis.

We will be everything but faceless and strive to appear approachable. You know who we are and how to get hold of us if needed. We’d like to have an open dialogue with all our stakeholders regardless of the channel, let it be social media or face to face.

Our credibility is increased by cooperating with established partners. We are in close cooperation with partners who will take care of the technical feasibility and transactions.

Naturally, these value also apply to our partners. If you wish to crowdfund ÿour project through our service, you need to be ready to act according to the same principles as we do. This will decrease also the project partner’s risk to be accused for puffery and greenwashing.

Please ask, we will answer. By stating questions and contacting us you help us to serve you even better.