What’s in it for: crowdfunders?

Julkaistu: 2.12.2014

We will explain the idea behind Joukon Voima in a blog post series. In the first post, we will share our thoughts on the benefits of crowdfunding renewable energy for you, the crowdfunder. In the following posts we will cover the benefits for project partners and society.

Sense of having made an impact

The story behind Joukon Voima derives from the feeling of powerlessness we shared. Despite the fact that people really want to support sustainability and contribute to the development of renewable energy, the direct ways to do so have been limited. We wanted to provide something that allows people to fund sustainable energy projects, give a shout out, make an impact, and earn at the same time. This resulted in the founding of Joukon Voima.

Stable profits from an ethical investment

You can look at crowdfunding renewables either through colourful hippie glasses or a golden monocle focused at potential profits. Or actually, you can and should do both. In addition to making an ideological impact, you’re may regard our service as any other investment alternative. This said, we aim to provide our crowdfunders yearly profits of approximately  5-7%. Please keep in mind that the rate of return will greatly depend on the type of project.

We believe that not a single crowdfunding model is sustainable and scalable if funders are not given meaningful returns. In our case, the returns are monetary.


At Joukon Voima, we are well aware that traditional finance institutions provide chances to invest in green. However, as we look at the so-called green bonds as ordinary people, they appear blurry and are difficult to make sense of. Do you know exactly what you end up investing in? How are the profits being generated and what are the risks involved?

The point here is not that we would provide a lower risk or higher rewards. This we cannot promise. But what we can promise is that you know exactly where and how your money will be used. Perhaps a panel from the far right corner of a solar power system, or the tip of a wind turbine wing?

Hedging against increasing energy prices

In our business model, your returns are tied to energy market prices. The higher the market price, the more you end up earning. The cheaper the energy on the markets, the more modest your earnings. As a customer of energy companies, this simple correlation provides you with shelter from the twists and turns on the energy markets.


These are some of the thoughts on the value that we believe we can provide to crowdfunders. What’s your take on this?