What’s in it for: society?

Julkaistu: 5.3.2015

In this last part of our “what’s in it for”- blog series, we discuss our potential impact on the society around us.

We believe that each company should have an aim beyond economical and egocentric goals. At Joukon Voima, the objective of making an impact on the society as a whole is an obvious driver for our work. Believe us when we say that there would be easier ways to making bucks than a start-up related to two industries that are yet to make their way from margins to mainstream.

Directing funds to renewables

We want to see more and more renewable energy projects realized. By lowering both investors’ and companies’ barriers to get engaged with renewable energy, we create conditions for the ideas to become actual projects and eventually kilowatt-hours.

We expect that among our future crowdfunders there are plenty of people who wouldn’t be investing in green energy if there wasn’t an easy crowdfunding opportunity. Simply put, through crowdfunding of renewable energy project, there’s more equity available for project companies to realize their plans.

Increasing awareness of energy issues

To many, energy equals to power sockets and quarterly bills. What’s behind it and what are the issues that relate to energy production and the subsequent markets? Our intention is to bring consumers to face these matters. We might be giving some information on this in our marketing communications, but more important is that while consumers get engaged in the energy production through crowdfunding, they find out the answers themselves. The more crowdfunders, the more increased awareness of energy issues in the society.

Democratizing energy markets

In the democratized energy markets we envision people have a say on the means of energy production. If they want renewable energy, they will get renewable energy. When setting the focus to local environment, the impact crowdfunders can make is significant. By enabling green energy production with local ownership, the benefits will remain in the area.

When thinking realistically about the bigger scope, the volume of energy production we can provide at the time is limited. But we do know that by directly fueling individual projects we can indirectly fuel the required major change. It wouldn’t be the first time when giving people a way to concretely show their will has drawn the attention of big guys and brought about a long wanted change.

We act to make a local impact in communities. This accumulates into a national shift in the way energy production is perceived and eventually contributes to the global change.