About Joukon Voima

Joukon Voima is an enabler of sustainable energy. We provide a marketplace where projects related to the sustainable consumption and production of energy meet willing funders.With Joukon Voima, we are helping to create an environmentally friendly and community-driven future, where people decide together how energy is produced and consumed. You can help realize projects that you feel passionate about in a transparent manner, knowing exactly how your money is being used.

We don’t focus on a particular set of technologies, but instead support the overall change towards sustainable energy use and production. With Joukon Voima, you can fund not only renewable energy, such as solar power, wind power or wood chip heating plants, but also projects related to energy efficiency and electric transportation.

For crowdfunders

Crowdfunding is a tangible way to affect how energy is produced and consumed.

By crowdfunding you help enable sustainable energy production and consumption. In return, you receive valuable benefits or monetary returns on your investment.

For those looking for funding

By crowdfunding you’ll be able to realize sustainable energy projects without large initial investments.

In addition to improving the visibility of your project, you will gain the support and involvement of your local community and customers.