Lendahand: Invest where it matters

Joukon Voima collaborates with Dutch social impact crowdfunding platform, Lendahand, enabling us to provide you an even broader variety of impactful investment opportunities. The projects by Lendhand have a particular emphasis on creating social impact in emerging countries.

Lendahand has financed over 2000 projects that have alleviated poverty, created sustainable jobs and provided access to basic needs for people in emerging countries. Overall Lendahand has done projects in more than 20 countries, ranging from Mongolia to Mexico and a lot of African countries in between. As a guiding vision, Lendahand believes that Sustainable change in emerging countries can be realised when social impact and financial returns are combined.

Lendahand facilitates loans directly to entrepreneurs in emerging countries and through local institutional investors, who spread the investments further to the small and medium-sized enterprises. Lendahand refers to these investment types as “direct investments” and “investing via local partner”:

Direct investments:
Here the enterprise itself is the counterparty so there is no third party involved. Interest rates, typically 5-7%, are higher compared to investments via a local partner, however risks are higher as well.

Local Partner Investment:
If you choose to invest via a local partner, they will provide a loan to the entrepreneur you selected. In fact, you are providing growth capital to an enterprise while running risk on the carefully selected financial institution. Primarily, their local partners cover the risk of defaults and currency fluctuations. These partners have financial reserves for this purpose and it is also possible to claim their equity if needed.


Key team members

Koen The

“I like to use the skills I obtained from my experience in the investment banking industry in London to help provide children in developing countries a better future. A sustainable investment strategy improves the future of others as well as your own.”

Peter Heijen

“A few years back I traveled through Nepal, India and Bangladesh. I witnessed first hand that entrepreneurship and jobs are the strongest weapons in fighting poverty. Many business owners, however, did not have access to affordable finance. Crowdfunding seemed like a good solution and that is why I founded Lendahand.”

The Dutch crowdfunding service Lendahand, founded in 2011, offers loan-based investment opportunities to companies in developing countries that aim for high social impact.

To the crowdfunder:

All projects marked with the Lendahand-logo are owned and managed by Lendahand. When funding a Lendahand project, Joukon Voima is no longer involved in the process.

Please review all risks carefully. Information about Lendahand and their projects is availabe on their website.

Current projects

Lendahand: Invest via local partner

Prayas 15, India

With a loan Prayas will be able to help 115 woman to construct or renovate a toilet at their home.
Expected return: 3,0%, loan term: 24 months

Number of funders:



0 €


23 600 €

  • Company being funded: Milaap
  • Ends 5.11.2018
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